Jesse W.Jesse W.

I've been coming to see Dr Pablo and her staff for the last 10 years. She's more than most compassionate and knowledgeable Health Care Providers that's...

Chris NegronChris Negron

After losing my dentist near my apartment from going out of business, I was referred to Dr. Pablo. Her office receptionist made every effort to get a hold of me to confirm my appointment for my cleaning and was very patient while at the new office as I was going through the process of getting registered. Cleaning was painless and the doctor even gave me recommendations for orthodontic work and possible invisalign braces nearby. If you need a good dentist in the valley, and your insurance covers most dental coverage for general cleaning and occasional treatment, I would recommend Dr. Pablo.

Lyna H.Lyna H.

Dr. Pablo is a humble one woman show! She was very throughout, professional and friendly. I plan to keep seeing her every six months and would highly...

Katrina IsabelKatrina Isabel

Dr. Pablo has cleaned my teeth once a year for many years and has also filled many of my cavities. I have been going to her for many years and would highly recommend her.

juan salazarjuan salazar

Great place !! Highly recommend to family and friends .dr pablo and staff very friendly and caring